Anna Halldin-Maule (1972 - )


Anna Halldin-Maule was born in Sweden in 1972, and her husband, Tom, was born in Hawaii in 1970. Anna and Tom have been married since 2002 and live on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Together they form a unique partnership of love and creativity.

Anna, painting since she was a little girl, and Tom photographing since an Ansel Adams inspired trip to Yosemite National Park when he was 12 years old, are devoted to a life of art and travel.

Sold Archive

Oleg Ulitskiy, Foggy Morning, 2012

Oleg Ulitskiy
Foggy Morning, 2012
Oil on canvas
Image size: 18 X 24
Framed size: 24 X 29

Georges Rival, Boats At The Harbor

Georges Rival
Boats At The Harbor
Oil on canvas
Image size: 24 X 36
Framed size: 31 X 43

A.K. Tzenoe, View Of Church Through Trees, 1965

A.K. Tzenoe
View Of Church Through Trees, 1965
Image size: 10 X 8
Framed size: 12.25 X 10

Soegaard, Farm House In Autumn

Farm House In Autumn
Oil on board
Image size: 8 X 10
Framed size: 14.5 X 16.5

P. Michielssen, Ranch Windmill

P. Michielssen
Ranch Windmill
Ink Drawing
Image size: 13 X 10.5
Framed size: 20 X 16

Dean Packer, Country Road

Dean Packer
Country Road
Oil on masonite
Image size: 8 X 10
Framed size: 14.5 X 16.5

Bernard Shepro, Winter Logging, 1948

Bernard Shepro
Winter Logging, 1948
Oil on canvas
Image size: 27 X 35
Framed size: 33 X 41

Robert Frank, Sunset On The Stream

Robert Frank
Sunset On The Stream
Image size: 21 X 31
Framed size: 30 X 40

Ernest Fredericks, Snow Scene With Stream

Ernest Fredericks
Snow Scene With Stream
Oil on canvas
Image size: 24 X 30
Framed size: 30 X 35

Bernice Huber, Untitled Monterey Pine

Bernice Huber
Untitled Monterey Pine
Image size: 18 X 14
Framed size: 21 X 25

Bernice Huber, Untitled Farm House

Bernice Huber
Untitled Farm House
Image size: 13 X 21
Framed size: 21 X 29

Bernice Huber, Untitled Landscape I

Bernice Huber
Untitled River
Image size: 14 X 21
Framed size: 23 X 29

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