Anna Halldin-Maule (1972 - )


Anna Halldin-Maule was born in Sweden in 1972, and her husband, Tom, was born in Hawaii in 1970. Anna and Tom have been married since 2002 and live on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Together they form a unique partnership of love and creativity.

Anna, painting since she was a little girl, and Tom photographing since an Ansel Adams inspired trip to Yosemite National Park when he was 12 years old, are devoted to a life of art and travel.

Sold Archive

Jerald Silva, Brooke’s Profile, 1992

Jerald Silva
Brooke’s Profile, 1992
Graphite on paper
Image size: 30 X 28
Framed size: 35.75 X 23

Gregory Kondos, Desert Heat, 1982

Gregory Kondos
Desert Heat, 1982
Publisher’s proof 2/5
Image size: 15.25 X 29.25
Framed size: 36.5 X 46.25

Gregory Kondos, Byzantine Church, 1982

Gregory Kondos
Byzantine Church, 1982
2/5 Publisher’s proof
Image size: 40.75 X 29.75
Framed size: 47 X 36.5

Gregory Kondos, Cathedral Hill, 1992

Gregory Kondos
Cathedral Hill, 1992
Printer’s proof 3/6
Image size: 21.5 X 26.5
Framed size: 31.25 X 37.5

Susan Shoger, Large Horse

Susan Shoger
Large Horse
9.5 X 9.25 X 5

Susan Shoger, Large Buckskin

Susan Shoger
Large Buckskin
9 X 10.5 X 5.5

Maija Peeples, Untitled Lips, c. 1967

Maija Peeples
Untitled Lips, c. 1967
Mixed media
48 X 60

William T. Wiley, Enigma, c. 1967

William T. Wiley
Enigma, c. 1967
Marbled paper on wood
Size: 16 X 16 X 2

Keith Wicks, The Old Red Truck, 2002

Keith Wicks
The Old Red Truck, 2002
Oil on canvas
Image size: 24 X 20
Framed size: 29.5 X 25.5

Roland Petersen, The Lemon Squeezer, 1991

Roland Petersen
The Lemon Squeezer, 1991
Acrylic on paper
Image size: 22 X 29.5
Framed size: 32 X 39

Paul Wonner, Study For Imaginary Still Life, Flowers, Matchbook, Pencil, 1978

Paul Wonner
Study For Imaginary Still Life, Flowers, Matchbook, Pencil, 1978
Gouache and casein on paper
Image size: 17 X 14
Framed size: 23.25 X 20.25

Ning Hou, Untitled Landscape

Ning Hou
Untitled Landscape
Oil on canvas
Image size: 8 X 10
Framed size: 14.5 X 16.5

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