Larry Welden (1922 - 2012)


Born in Berkeley, CA in 1922, Larry Welden is well-known for his watercolors depicting Northern California landscapes. He first received a bachelor’s from UC Berkeley in engineering but then changed course by completed a second bachelor’s from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. He continued his art education at California State University, Sacramento where he received a Master of Fine Arts. In addition to his pursuit as an artist he taught alongside Gregory Kondos, Wayne Thiebaud and Fred Dalkey at Sacramento City College from 1960 to 1985. His vibrant watercolors can be seen in collections at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA as well as Sacramento City College.

Mel Smothers, Unknown Title, 2001

Mel Smothers
Unknown Title, 2001
Oil on panel
Image size: 10.5 X 15
Frame size: 20 X 25

Gilbert Amavisca, Pole Line Road, 2003

Gilbert Amavisca
Pole Line Road, 2003
Oil on paper
Image size: 9 X 13
Framed size: 17 X 21

Camille VandenBerge, Unknown Title

Camille VandenBerge
Unknown Title
7 X 10 X 3

Leslie Toms, Cliffhanger II

Leslie Toms
Cliff Hanger I
Oil on panel
Image size: 12 X 10
Framed size: 12.5 X 10.5

Maria Alquilar, Study For At Rest…, 1977

Maria Alquilar
Study For At Rest…, 1977
Mixed media
Image size: 10 X 12

Clayton Pinkerton, Civil Unrest, 1968

Clayton Pinkerton
Civil Unrest, 1968
Mixed media
Image size: 12 X 12

Gregory Kondos, Coastal Vineyard 20/81, 2005

Gregory Kondos
Coastal Vineyard 20/81, 2005
Limited edition giclee on paper
Image size: 15 X 19
Framed size: 25 X 29

Gregory Kondos, Point Sur 15/125, 2001

Gregory Kondos
Point Sur 15/125, 2001
Limited Edition giclee on paper
Image size:
Framed size: 22 X 26

Gregory Kondos, River Palms, 1999

Gregory Kondos
River Palms, 1999
Image size: 30 X 24
Framed size: 40 X 34

Sheila Finch, Light Across The Valley, 2001

Sheila Finch
Light Across The Valley, 2001
Oil on canvas
Image size: 24 X 36

Roland Petersen, Girl In Striped Skirt, 2010

Roland Petersen
Girl In Striped Skirt, 2010
Acrylic on canvas
Image size: 36 X 48

Christopher Stott, Silver Oak No. 1, 2009

Christopher Stott
Silver Oak No. 1, 2009
Oil on canvas
Image size: 24 X 20

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Sold Archive

Larry Welden, Unknown, 1976

Larry Welden
Unknown, 1976
Image size: 15 X 20.5
Framed size: 19 X 25

Larry Welden River Island Palms

Larry Welden
River Island Palms, 1988
36 X 46

Welden, Larry – Untitled Trees

Larry Welden
Untitled Trees
Image size: 20.252 X 28.5
Framed size: 27.5 X 35.5

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