Maxfield Parrish (1870 - 1966)


During the Golden Age of Illustration, Maxfield Parrish’s “beautiful settings and charming figures” enchanted the American public. His work includes immense murals in office buildings and hotels, magazine covers, and advertisements as well as his book illustrations.

Many of his illustrations to children’s books, still popular today, are the result of his struggle to make a living as an artist in his early years around the turn of the 20th century.

In 1900, Parrish contracted tuberculosis, and then suffered a nervous breakdown. Around that time, he switched from illustrations to oil painting. His oil paintings became very popular, with their brilliant colors and magical luminosity, until well into the 1940s. To achieve these magical effects, he would apply numerous layers of thin, transparent oil, alternating with varnish over stretched paper, a painstaking process that achieved both high luminosity and extraordinary detail.

The tuberculosis hung on and Parrish went to Arizona to convalesce in the dry heat there. While in Arizona, he was commissioned to do a series of landscapes. He began painting and traveling on commission and his career took off.

From the 1930s until 1960, when he stopped painting, Maxfield Parrish refocused his attention on the world around him, producing a series of calendar landscapes. Yet even these retain the magical, window-to-the-otherworld quality that permeates all of his work.

Parrish died at 95 in 1966, at a time when his work was enjoying a renaissance of interest.

D.R. Wagner, Corazon, c. 1995

D.R. Wagner
Corazon, c. 1995
Image size: 3.5 X 4.5
Framed size: 9.25 X 10.25
$600 Now $200

John Checkley, San Francisco, 1960

John Checkley
San Francisco, 1960
Image size: 11.25 x 8.5
Framed size: 16.25 x 12.5
$450 Now $150

Joseph Bellacera, Field And Sky IV, 1992

Joseph Bellacera
Field And Sky IV, 1992
Oil on tyvek
Image size: 3 X 4.5
Framed size: 12 X 14.75
$250 Now $120

Theresa Rivera, Strawberries, c. 1980

Theresa Rivera
Strawberries, c. 1980
Image size: 6.5 x 9.5
Framed size: 11.25 x 14.25
$90 Now $40

Frank Damiano, Nine Pathways

Frank Damiano
Nine Pathways, 2006
Oil on canvas
Image size: 48 X 36
Framed size: 38 X 49.75

Joan Brown, Self Portrait #1, 1983

Joan Brown
Self Portrait #1, 1983
Mixed media
Image size: 36 X 24
Framed size: 37 X 25

Wayne Thiebaud, City Edge 39/60, 1988

Wayne Thiebaud
City Edge 39/60, 1988
Image size: 12 X 9
Frame size: 29 X 26

Wayne Thiebaud, Unknown Title, 1956

Wayne Thiebaud
Unknown Title, 1956
Image size: 12 X 22
Frame size: 21 X 30
$4500 Now $3250

Anthony Montanino, 12th & I Streets, 1994

Anthony Montanino
12th and I Streets, 1994
Acrylic on paper
Image size: 15 X 22
Framed size: 20 X 27
$500 Now $125

Gregory Kondos, Untitled Sketches, 1969

Gregory Kondos
Untitled Sketches, 1969
Pen and Ink
Image size: 9.75 x 7.5
Framed size: 18.5 x 15.5
$1100 Now $600

Gregory Kondos, Untitled Sketch, 1969

Gregory Kondos
Untitled Sketch, 1969
Pen and ink
Image size: 10 x 7.25
Framed size: 18.5 x 15.5

Manuel Neri, Two Figures

Manuel Neri
Two Figures
Image size: 30 X 24
Framed size: 37 X 31
$3000 Now $1500

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