Alan Post
Night Sitter, 1976
Oil on canvas
Image size: 19.5 X 19.5
Framed size: 21.75 X 21.75

Alan Post Biography

Alan Post was born in Alhambra, CA on September 17, 1914.  Post earned a degree in economics and art at Occidental College and then studied at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.  He further studied at Princeton University and then taught briefly at Occidental College before joining the Navy in 1943.  He settled in Sacramento in 1946 and became the state’s legislative analyst who watched over the budget until his retirement in 1977.

Alan Post’s paintings have an inescapable Mediterranean softness and warmth. He continues to evoke an expressionistic mood and uncovers a distinctive glow of his personality. Alan demonstrates the vigor of an experienced, colorful painter and a modernist, whose contemplative humanistic painting voice and inner power create a sense of direct physical entry onto his canvas.

What are Alan Post’s attributes? Sculptor and wife, Helen Post writes: Alan’s reservoir of memories, sketches and photographs refresh and motivate his responses as he continues to produce a seemingly unending body of work. Alan’s work in this exhibition is as vigorous and colorful as ever. Like many artists, his growing technical mastery of composition and his response to the texture of paint has made him bolder in reaching out to new colors and ideas. This has more than compensated for the loss of some of the suppleness of hand and eyesight that comes with advanced age. In fact, his attention to the nuances and roles played by color are particularly evident in this new work. They reflect the introduction of a wider range of colors than are found in most of his previous paintings.

View more available work:

Alan Post, Women Knitting, Andalusia, 2002

Alan Post
Women Knitting, Andalusia, 2002
Oil on linen
Image size: 48 X 36
Framed size: 49.25 X 37.75

Alan Post, Helen Reading, 1987

Alan Post
Helen Reading, 2002
Acrylic on paper
Image size: 23 X 17
Framed size: 34 X 28.5

Alan Post, The Terrace At Las Playetas, 2002

Alan Post The Terrace At Las Playetas, 2002
Acrylic on paper
Image size: 23.5 X 17.5
Framed size: 34.5 X 27.75

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Paul Klee, Unknown

Paul Klee
Image size: 9.5 X 7.25
Framed size: 20.5 X 17.5
$2000 Now $400

Carlos Mensa, Modelo De Maniquí Erotico #2 “Divine Gauche”, 1970

Carlos Mensa
Modelo De Maniquí Erotico #2 “Divine Gauche”, 1970
Oil on linen
Image size: 14 X 11
Framed size: 14.5 X 11.5
$1000 Now $400

Alan Post, Man With Hat, 1975

Alan Post
Man With Hat, 1975
Oil on canvas
Image size: 42 X 34
Framed size: 43 X 35

Alan Post, Cezanne’s Studio In Aix, 2006

Alan Post
Cezanne’s Studio In Aix, 2006
Oil on canvas
Image size: 36 X 36
Framed size: 38 X 38

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