Carlos Mensa
Modelo De Maniquí Erotico #2 “Divine Gauche”, 1970
Oil on linen
Image size: 14 X 11
Framed size: 14.5 X 11.5
$1000 Now $400

Carlos Mensa Biography

Carlos Mensa was a self-taught painter who worked alone in the margins of fashion. Expressionism, realism, surrealism, quotations to the history of painting and fierce criticism are combined in a very personal work of great technical perfection. Using sarcasm and later irony, he decomposed topics, seeking the absurd, corrosive and oppressive. He looked for extreme and risky situations of impact that act as metaphors or allegories embodied in images.

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Ann Harold-Taylor, Three Figures At Doors, Study #1, 1987

Ann Harrold-Taylor
Three Figures At Doors, Study #1, 1987
Gouache, conte, ink and acrylic
Image size: 19 X 24
Framed size: 24 X 29
$800 Now $600

Darrell Forney, Portrait Of Helen, 1968

Darrell Forney
Portrait Of Helen, 1968
Acrylic on canvas
Image size: 28 X 36
Framed size: 29 X 37
$1000 Now $700

Darrell Forney, Stormpleat, 1966

Darrell Forney
Stormpleat, 1966
Acrylic on canvas
Image size: 24 X 24
Framed size: 25 X 25
$700 Now $400

Fred Dalkey, Sketch Of Nick Rogers, 1971

Fred Dalkey
Sketch Of Nick Rogers, 1971
Image size: 8.75 X 5.75
Framed size: 18.75 X 14.75
$900 Now $600

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