Chris Kidd
Dauntless Daughter Determined, 1986
Watercolor and pastel
Image size: 20 X 25.75
Framed size: 29.25 X 35.25

Chris Kidd Biography

Chris Kidd is a Northern California painter and printmaker who has been working in the Davis area since 1980. Her current work, using collage to transform the detritus of print media information into psychological portraits, is inspired by her exploration of the figure in the gestural pencil and watercolor sketches on view in this exhibition.

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Fred Uhl Ball, Portrait of Jerry Silva

Fred Uhl Ball
Portrait Of Jerry Silva
Enamel on copper
Image size: 5.5 X 5.5
Framed size: 14 X 14.5

E.G. Starr, Unknown

E.G. Starr
Image size: 14.5 X 20.75
Framed size: 23 X 29.25

Jerald Silva, Unknown, 1973

Jerald Silva
Unknown, 1973
Graphite and watercolor
Image size: 20 X 14
Framed size: 29 X 23

Alan Post, Night Sitter, 1976

Alan Post
Night Sitter, 1976
Oil on canvas
Image size: 19.5 X 19.5
Framed size: 21.75 X 21.75

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