Miles Hermann
The Artist’s Cat
Oil on canvas
Image size: 17.5 x 23.5
Framed size: 23 x 29.25

Miles Hermann Biography

Miles Hermann began drawing and sifting the world through an artistic eye from a very young age. He sketched animals and homes in the neighborhood, drew album covers on t-shirts for friends, and was the go to kid when it came to having something drawn in school. It wasn’t until he began attending Sacramento City College in the Fall of 1979 that he began to realize that art could be a career. By virtue of being a witness to the careers of Greg Kondos, Darrell Forney, and Willard Melton, Miles became emboldened and enriched by the notion that he too could follow in their path.

If City College was his artistic foundation then the San Francisco Art Institute was where he honed his artistic expression. Through the enthusiastic and honest mentoring he received from Carlos Villa, Miles learned his strengths and shortcomings in Art and was able to address both. Though he was forced to leave the SFAI due to financial constraints, Miles was able to secure one more year of instruction at Humboldt State University. There he amassed a portfolio of varied but significant work that was to become the initial success of his nascent career.

Miles was introduced to the Sacramento art scene in 1987 and has worked diligently to get his work displayed at every regional gallery of even marginal regard. From coffee shops to the Crocker, he continues to go where his art takes him. He currently divides his time between personal, creative pursuits and his commissioned work, but has made a concerted effort to present his work in galleries.

Miles Hermann’s paintings have been collected both regionally and nationally, and of recent note, were awarded Best of Show at the 2003 Vacaville Annual and a Publishers Award at the 2008 California State Fair. As he continues to explore himself and his surroundings, he is constantly pushing to blur the boundaries of Realism and Expressionism.

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