Sandra Wong
Three Fingers Salute
Image size: 10 X 8
Framed size: 11 X 9

Sandra Wong Biography

Sandra Wong received her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and MFA from Mills College, Oakland, California.

Sandra Wong’s Recent Drawings on paper continue her exploration of family and memory in an effort to understand and sort through her feeling of “otherness” that resulted from being the child of interracial parents. By lifting the intimately scaled realist figures from their original contexts, actual and anonymous family photographs, and placing them onto large blank sheets of paper, Wong demonstrates not only her sense of isolation but also a signaling out. The moment she grounds the figure “it has it’s own place and time, it’s own importance.” Other series in Wong’s exhibit also address the notion of the individual becoming a part of the common human experience through small gestures and detached moments common to us all.

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