Sofia Harrison
Sunflower – Joy, 2010
Mixed media
Image size: 8.5 X 7.5

Sofia Harrison Biography

The Statement
I create because I have to; story telling under broken shards of glass amuses and placates the inner sprites. My work embodies the collective thought patterns of our society: fractured but connected, expressing the combat of individuality, encompassing desire, spirit and reason. I am mixed. Media: paper, words, glass, paint, discarded and found objects, glue and grout.

The Story
I started working with mosaics over 10 years ago when I was still working in my family’s winery. I made gifts for family and friends and while I enjoyed working with the various materials, the color and patterns, I felt something was lacking—I needed more. One night in my studio * ahem * laundry room, I set my wine glass on top of a magazine. When I turned my head to pick up the wine I noticed the word “explore” seemingly floating beneath the clear glass. Chance, destiny, does it even matter? A strange new excitement bubbled inside; I knew what I wanted to create. I would incorporate words into my art, and they would tell my stories.

The Materials & Process
I mainly cover old sash windowpanes, mannequin sculptures and furniture. Recently I have started working on wood boards. Truth is I will cover almost anything in glass and words if it’s not nailed down. I really enjoy using found objects, and I am a frequent ‘dumpster-diver’ and visitor to scrap yards –I like the idea of keeping things out of the landfills. I love glass, the feel the color and movement and I use a variety; stained, clear, dichrotic and mirror. I use oil pastels and or acrylics to paint out my piece first and then scrounge through magazines to clip out the words that will tell my stories. Each word is glued onto the hand cut glass and affixed to my ‘canvas’. I hand sand and grout the piece and then paint the grout. It is very much like traditional mosaic work but I have created my own twist through the incorporation of the word. When light shines from behind my windowpanes they become a different piece all together; I rather like the way the light can effect the piece.

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