Stock Schlueter
Winter Valley, 1998
Oil on linen
Image size: 13.75 X 21.5
Framed size: 15 X 23.25

Stock Schlueter Biography

Stock Schlueter(b. 1949) s a native California painter who has dedicated his painting career to the Northern California landscape. Schlueter paints the vineyards, valleys, and farms of California in a delicate manner, keenly observing minute details and producing magnificent medium to large-scale results.

Schlueter is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and has been showing works throughout the west coast since the early 80’s. John Pence has presented Schlueter in numerous group shows since 1997.

He works intensely and quickly, producing many works in short periods of time. Schlueter’s palette is at times as colorful and varied as Nature herself, but he often chooses moody scenes filled with steely grays. His brushwork is a wonderful marriage of precision and flowing, expressive mark making. He captures the alternating intense and placid moods of the outdoors. In his monumental “Trinidad Pier”, Schlueter captures a decidedly rugged, forbidding coastline under an overcast sky. On the other hand, “Feed Store” is a bright outdoor scene, complete with cheerful clouds, depicting a comforting, rural American town.

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