Beth Winfield


I have always viewed the outdoors as a picture waiting to be painted and yearned to express that fleeting moment which captures my heart and takes my breath away. I want to be inspired and inspire others, hopefully recreating the feeling from that past moment in time. I love how the light reflects off of objects during different times of day, with varying weather and circumstances. Capturing that light and the movement I feel in landscapes is my passion. Even when I sleep, I am often painting in my dreams. If I cannot have a paintbrush in my hand, I will often have my camera as a backup, trying to capture what I see at that specific moment. I now have an extensive collection of photos from around the world to draw from for my paintings and can recreate those feelings of the moment for others to enjoy. I have taken many online courses in art history and love to visit museums around the world. My favorite artists are Van Gogh, Monet, Corbett, Singer, Sargent, Edward Hopper, George Inness, Thomas Dewing, James McNeil Whistler, Wolf Kahn, and John Henry Twachtman. I am always finding new painters to inspire me. I consider myself mostly self-taught, although I have worked with and learned from many excellent Northern California artists

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