Brian Sostrom

About The Artist

As a child I grew up in small rural towns in the Pacific Northwest. My father was an engineer for the National Forest Service and we frequently relocated for his work. All of my finest memories revolve around the tranquility of nature and the peace and solitude that I only found there.

My father has always painted, at least since I’ve been around. I would watch him painting on his homemade easel wishing I could do the same. When I was 9 years old my parents purchased a hobby set of acrylic paints for me and I was never far from them. When I went to college, at Washington State University, I was experimenting with all types of mediums and began learning about computer generated art and design.

Digital art is an interesting pursuit and has kept me afloat financially but my passion is still painting. Acrylics have always lured me back with their ever-expanding catalog of new mediums and materials. For a number of years I had experimented with Plexiglas and acrylic paint this was once again a dramatic evolution for me. Currently I paint with translucent acrylics on a specially developed translucent substrate. I am combining traditional techniques with unusual materials. In a way that encapsulates a lot of digital ideas with layering but with real depth and a very physical presence. I exhibit my work solo shows and art galleries in Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington State and Wyoming!