Deborah Ashley

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About The Artist

Deborah Ashley is an abstract nature and still life painter living in Northern California. Deborah is originally from North Carolina and always found inspiration for her paintings in the tree-filled southern landscapes. Her confident, colorful landscape abstractions often use the palette knife to create thick texture to compliment the vibrant colors. Her still-life paintings are abstracted and fanciful, incorporating a variety of materials including graphite, pastels and collage as she lets each composition unfold as it goes. This playful and joyful quality is the hallmark of her still-life abstractions.

Deborah was interested in the arts from a very young age and began studying the piano at age five and the violin at age seven. She also had a love of the visual arts and pursued drawing, painting, printmaking throughout her school years. Her work is colorful and full of energy and pulls from her musical roots seen in her use of lines and shapes that flow throughout her paintings. The exuberance of Ashley’s paintings is defined by the interplay of colors, shapes and textures that often seem to explode off the canvas and make her work highly expressive and uniquely her own.

Deborah finished her first degree in Violin Performance and her second degree in Fine Art.