Donna Mendes

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  • Donna Mendes
    Interior Life Noon
    Oil on canvas
    24 X 36

About The Artist

Donna Mendes has worked professionally as a fine artist for many years. Her work continues to explore the mystery and possibilities that one’s day may hold. She is inspired by the internal and external visual space, the observation and contemplation of both. Her work is varied, expressing a continued interest in layering, the color nuances of a white palette and the endless surprise of painting with color. Born in Glen Cove, New York, Mendes has always been engaged in the making of art. She received her BA from The University of Colorado, Boulder, in Fine Art. She has studied extensively throughout the country, abroad and now resides in Berkeley, California.


Growing up on the east coast I hold many memories of time spent on the beach and by the water. Living in California I continue to enjoy the bay area and spending time backpacking in the mountains. The uniqueness of both the east coast and west coast environments has deeply eected my work. However, some of my most inuential training as an artist came from my classical realism instruction. I spent numerous hours observing color under various light sources. Looking at still lifes under both cool light or warm light, and mixing colors without ever touching paint to canvas provided many months of seeing how the shift of color on objects is aected by its light source. Color continues to play an enormous role in my work. The way color can be used to create compositional balance, mood, the way it can evoke seasonal change through the use of subtle cool and warm colors I nd endlessly intriguing. Living both on the east coast, west coast and travel abroad has brought so many experiences of seeing how light is so varied and how it plays in dierent environments.