Douglas Chun


Born in Guangzhou, China, he attended the Honolulu Academy of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute. His firm, Chun/Ishimaru served the design and architectural professions in the Bay Area. After a 35-year illustration practice, he retired and focused his energies on painting what delights him. Douglas’ watercolor and acrylic works are in private and public collections worldwide. Besides originals on paper and on canvas, his limited editions and open editions, published by Ericksen & Elins Fine Art and Editions Limited are being distributed in both northern and southern hemispheres. He currently lives in Haleakala, Maui.

Artist Statement:
I seek to see beauty in everything, from Nature to man and in experiences encountered. By committing some of these on paper or canvas, I am constantly reminded that there is law and order in the Universe and the world is a sacred place to be.

Entering my 8th decade, I am leaning towards simplicity. I am continually drawn to express the wonders of Nature: its timelessness, gentleness and its sense of harmony and balance. They remain paramount in my quest.

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