Gale Hart


A childhood fascination with creating objects out of nuts, bolts, scrap metal and wood evolved into an intensely energetic creative drive. Gale Hart began her career with an enduring passion to compile components into a whole. From monumental canvases to meticulous graphite drawings, Hart’s repertoire of visual images grabs, engages and speaks volumes about universal humanity.

A narration characterized by humor, angst and sarcasm presents itself through a constantly evolving cast of characters. Reminiscent of a candid snapshot, Hart captures an attitude at a particular place and point in time. The specifics of a personality are not as important as the condensed essence or vitality of expression.Through direct frontal gaze and exaggerated facial expressions, Hart conveys the difficulties of human interactions and the challenges of interpersonal communication.

The paintings initiate a visceral discourse with the viewer – the viewer is intrigued and pulled into the narrative of the subject matter. Hart implements the use of rhythmic geometric elements as a means of visual navigation. This technique of unification formalizes the composition and mitigates visual and emotional agitation. Color as a void saturates the background of the paintings against which the intense hues of the figures emanate to elicit tension. Awkward color combinations distort and disarm the eye, yet concurrently assist in the comprehension of the work.

Hart’s sculpture parallels her paintings with the visual language remaining constant: narrative composition, ordered geometry and color choices. Validating the instincts that launched her creative career, found objects continue to hold limitless possibilities and appeal. Hart seamlessly marries incongruent materials creating mirthful yet perplexing personages.

Hart approaches all of her work with an eye toward artistic sensibility and technical expertise. Never sure what the next series will bring – Hart states: Keeping my art fresh is equally as important as my need to make art.

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