Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, Govinder Nazran started his career as a graphic designer. He studied graphic design from 1980 to 1983 at Bradford University, then going to Lincoln Art College to do a Higher Diploma in graphic design. 

Completing that course with a distinction – as he had also done at Bradford – he went to London where he worked on illustrations for children's books. After six month he moved to Cambridge where he continued to work as a freelance illustrator.

His family settled in Saltaire where Govinder got a job as designer for a greetings card company. He then pursued photographic art director, directing fashion shoots all over the world. In 1993, he decided to exchange that hectic lifestyle for a quieter life.

He spent the next five years working as freelance on card designs with major publishing companies. Only in 1999 did he decide to enter the fine art market, and approached Washington Green with his portfolio. Govinder's first commercially-successful painting was Cat Walk, prints of which were sold out on release.

He was mostly known for his paintings of animals, primarily of cats and dogs, but also of horses and elephants. The animals are predominantly made up of  blocks of color and were often embellished with gold leaf, glitter, staples, string and other objects. Many of Govinder's animals came in pairs focusing on themes such as opposites, yin and yang, family, love, good versus evil, etc. 

Apart from painting animals, Govinder produced many sculptures based upon his paintings as well as figurative and abstract works.

He has many collectors in the UK, US and Japan.