Jennifer Daily

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About The Artist

I am a mixed media artist living in the San Francisco East Bay. My journey to painting began with the encouragement of my high school art teacher, Mrs. A, and continued quietly in college while I pursued a degree and career in Graphic Design. After my two children were born I endured some health problems that left me unable to do much more than care for my boys. As I began to heal I turned my attention more fully to my paints. I find as I did in high school, that creating art keeps me centered and sane. I hope never to stop.

Artist Statement

My current work is mostly non-representational with the occasional abstract landscape. I think of my method as a reflection of the way we live our lives. I approach the canvas on any day with my emotions; making marks, responding to them, changing my mind, covering them up, and generally creating a chaotic mess. I add layers upon layers, adding and subtracting paint. I choose what to conceal and what to reveal. I do more of what pleases me, and less of what doesn’t. At this point I step back and assess the situation. The graphic designer in me takes over, striving to create order from the disarray. I refine the composition until the result is balanced and satisfying. I rest.

There is so much in life that we cannot control. We make messes. We are given messes. We tidy them up the best we can. If we can appreciate both the process and the results, there is so much beauty to be had.