joe Strickland

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About The Artist

Having a background in printmaking,  Joe Strickland feels that there is something serendipitous how pigment shifts from one surface to another and has the ability to morph before ones eyes while in the process of making art. Experiencing the transition from one phase to another, as layers are stacked upon or removed from one another, accommodates his curiosity.

Inquisitiveness inspires him to “cross-pollenate” media beyond its intended purpose and manipulate it to fit his needs. He considers all methods of printing as mediums and treats them as if they were a palette knife, brush, paint or any other tool in the studio. He utilizes acrylic and oil paints, clays and plasters, flammable and inflammable solvents, photography, and scanners, digital and analogue printers to create multiple layers of image fragments, which are then reconstructed to create the composition.
​Using other materials other than conventional paint brushes, Strickland uses sticks, cardboard, sponges, steel wool and squeegees, creating bits of pigment that are patched together, shaping what will become the serendipitous moment of inspiration; the end result being a one of a kind monotype.

Not one to stick with a single genre, Strickland pushes and pulls anything that has a potential to become a new medium to apply in unconventional ways for the sake of his art