Joyce Laws



My studio sits on a hillside overlooking Tomales Bay in Marin County, California. I am inspired by what i see from there. Everyday my view changes. I love how the fog softens the edges of the world around me spilling over the hilltops, hovering in a thick mass over the bay and then thinning and lifting off the surface of the bay to give me peeks of the rippled water below and the blue sky above. I love the bright, clear sunny days and the strong contrast of the dark green trees against the golden hills.

While based in sacramento I painted for over twenty years in watercolor, showing in galleries in colorado and northern California. After the move to Point Reyes national seashore, living amidst such a different landscape and wanting a new challenge, my focus changed. Oil painting turned my concentration towards texture and contrast. I began painting landscapes and occasionally still lifes, exploring texture and technique.

My goal has become to minimize detail in my paintings. Place is important, but depicting place while paring it down to the bare minimum allows the viewers to participate, to create their own story. At the same time it strengthens the element of design through a stronger, more simple composition. Success is when I can see that I have made a small step toward that goal.

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