Julie Didion



Why clay? And why women, and women’s shoes? I feel that clay expresses a perfect dichotomy: utmost fragility, utmost strength. It undergoes a transformation by fire from simple earth to an everlasting material. And to express the female – just a fraction of the complexity and the mystery, the joyfulness and the strength, the bewildering diversity of roles and expectations – this is an honor, and this is my challenge. To portray women as warriors is merely a manner of reminding us all of the struggle, within and without, to be the great and heroic women than we can be.

I find shoes, and women’s shoes in particular, to be potent objects, imbued with a curious mixture of sensuality, utility, and secrecy – the original meaning of the word shoe was “to obscure”. Perhaps women’s high heels deserve to be put on a pedestal and admired for their line, form, color, and architecture – not to serve as torture chambers for women’s feet.

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