Julie Marriott

About The Artist

I’m Julie, a painter, pattern enthusiast, wife and mom living in beautiful San Diego, CA.  What gets me excited? Vibrant color, acrylic paint and lots and lots of florals, of course!

My passion is to bring joyful creativity to your space.  I believe that life is so much sweeter when we have a personal connection to the objects in our homes, whether many or few.  I also believe that the art on our walls can and should feel like cherished friends. My passion is to make work that is inspiring and uplifting, and that spreads this attitude of beautiful optimism to those who invite my art into their homes.

Creating is a necessary part of my life.  In between keeping up with my two busy daughters, you’ll find me in my home studio mixing yummy colors, working on my latest painting collection and generally making a creative mess.  My art satisfies an inner need of mine like a gasp of breath. It leaves me feeling refreshed, fulfilled and satisfied.  Mixing juicy new colors on my palette, putting a brush-full of wet paint to canvas, sketching ideas in a notebook with my favorite soft pencil.  Each physical act of making something new feeds my soul with excitement and purpose. 

I’m so thankful that this is my journey.  As a new mother, I discovered that the roles of artist and mom compliment and balance one another in wonderfully unexpected ways.  Rather than becoming unmotivated by overwhelm, I actually became more driven to make my art and see it grow in new directions.  This personal art-making time, where the challenges facing me are  so creatively different from my day-to-day tasks, recharges my ability to care for my family and feel happy and present.   Embracing both my roles as wife, mother and art-maker brings such fulfillment to my life and makes me feel more deeply human.