Juuri Robertson (1983 - )


Julie was born in Tokyo, Japan on Christmas Eve 1983 and moved with her family to the USA when she was six years old. She signs her Japanese-themed work “JUURI” (従理), which is her Japanese given name and equivalent to the English name “Julie.”

Julie has loved drawing since she could hold a pencil. Her entire childhood was filled with drawing and creating, from illustrated stories to “replica” props and costumes from her favorite films. She sold her first painting when she was 13 years old.

During college, Julie got to explore both color, and more of her Japanese heritage as she painted alongside Japanese exchange students who were also in the same art program. “I knew then what was most important to me to express through my art,” she says. “It was the deepest ‘me’ there is; the ‘me’ that was there all along. My Japanese heritage is so precious to me, and I could explore the facets of that beautiful culture endlessly. Vivid color is the avenue for me to do that.” Julie started visiting Japan regularly to see her relatives and to gain fresh inspiration from the beauty of the culture.

Since her decision to pursue fine art seriously in 2010, Julie has made an impression showing her mixed media paintings both in Oklahoma, where she currently resides, and Southern California. She continues to sell art to clients around the country and around the globe. Her ultimate goal is to take her artistic venture back to her home “town” of Tokyo.

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