Liana Steinmetz

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About The Artist
I am a lover of art, and all things outdoors. My passion is taking my paints outside and capturing a moment in time that expresses the soothing drama of expansive landscapes. I have been painting professionally for ten years.

I grew up in Marin County, California where redwood forests meet the ocean and miles of grassy hills touch the bay. When I wasn’t outside exploring, I was at home, engrossed in an art project.

After graduating college, where I studied Anthropology, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was lost in our fast-paced culture. I struggled with keeping up, comparing myself to others, and belonging. While wading through sadness, I came to find that the more time I spent outside in nature, the happier I felt. The more connected I was to Mother Earth, the more I felt like I belonged to something beautiful, meaningful and safe. And documenting that connection through painting, was very powerful and invigorating. It was a natural progression for me to create a career out of that relationship.

So here I am! Sharing my experience with you! I hope my paintings will speak to that part of you that also appreciates and identifies with the magic of the outdoors. I hope they will inspire you to take a deep breath and remind you that you are also part of the earth. I hope they make you feel good!

Painting is a spiritual experience for me. I am not sure who listens to me when I pray, or who sees me when I look up at the stars at night. But I do have profound gratitude for Mother Earth, and her natural beauty I get to be a part of every day. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling way to spend my time on earth, than making paintings in her honor. Every one is a tribute to this wonderful planet of wild things we call home.

This is also true…”There are moments when I see a landscape and it is so beautiful to me, it is overwhelming to look at. My heart jumps out of my chest, I want to be the land. I want to be the rain, the wind, the clouds. However I am just a human in a tiny body. So I humbly accept my place and do what I can to show my gratitude and awe for the land – I paint it.”