Lund Tim

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About The Artist

Based in Broderick, California Lund Tim came late to the field of fine art.  An engineer and architect by training Tim spent an entire career building structures for Cal-Trans while raising two sons on his own.

After seeing both sons through college and retiring from Cal-Trans, Tim decided to develop his long latent interest in painting. “I had contemporaries at Cal-Trans who were painting in their off time thirty years ago,” stated Tim, “I was interested in doing something back then but I never thought I could devote enough time to it with two young sons to raise.” Once the boys were grown and I was retired I began to experiment with painting.”

Tim took numerous classes and participated in artist critique groups as well as sought the advice from some of the areas most renowned artists including Gregory Kondos. “Greg has encouraged me greatly,” said Tim, “He thought the work was good but he advised me to keep the prices down at first to get to art out there into the world. I have taken that advice.”

Tim spent his time following his three passions: painting, gardening, and the progress of his son’s careers.