Marbo Barnard

Available Inventory
  • Marbo Barnard
    Morning Glory (AB15)
    Image size: 13 X 18
    Frame size: 23 X 28

  • Marbo Barnard
    Sake Cups (AB14)
    Image size: 5 X 19.5
    Frame size: 17 X 29

  • Marbo Barnard
    Unknown Title (AB17)
    Image size: 15 X 17
    Frame size: 24 X 26

  • Marbo Barnard
    Unknown Title (AB23)
    Image size: 14 X 10

  • Marbo Barnard
    Unknown Title (Cherry Blossoms) (AB18)
    Image size: 23 X 17.5
    Frame size: 32.5 X 27

  • Marbo Barnard
    Unknown Title (Red Wing Black Birds) (AB16)
    Image size: 11 X 17
    Frame size: 18 X 24

  • Marbo Barnard
    Unknown Title (Violin Still Life) (AB19)
    Image size: 20 X 26
    Frame size: 30 X 36

  • Marbo Barnard
    Unknown Title (White Vessels) (AB20)
    Image size: 22 X 29
    Frame size: 32 X 39


Sold Archive

  • Marbo Barnard
    Life On The American River (AB22)
    Image size: 14 X 18
    Frame size: 19.5 X 23.5


Marbo Barnard Biography

Marbo Barnard was born and raised in Japan, and came to the United States in 1956, starting to paint shortly afterwards. She has had a consistent and successful artistic career ever since. She has been successful in over 100 major juried exhibitions in the US and abroad, including the American Pastel Society, the Knickerbocker Artists, the IAPS, and numerous national pastel associations.  In addition to the office of President, her lengthy and indispensable tenure on the Board of the Pastel Society of the West Coast included overseeing the prestigious annual international exhibition Pastels U.S.A. which receives 400 to 500 entries from all over the world. In 2008 the PSWC presented her with the Pastel Laureate Award, the highest honor bestowed by that society. Her paintings have featured in various art magazines, including the Pastel Journal, February 2006, the Artist’s Magazine, and Gekan-Bijutsu Japan. She work has also been included in Best of Pastels and Floral Inspirations (Rockport) and Art of Pastel Portraiture, by Madlyn-Ann Woolwich (Watson-Guptill).

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