Margaryta Chaplinska
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About The Artist
Margaryta Chaplinska is an artist living and working in Roseville, CA. She was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and received a degree in National Academy of Fine Arts (Kiev, Ukraine) in June 1998. Margaryta specialized in modeling, texturing and graphic layout, and contributed to designs, concepts and finished assets. During this time she was invited to work as an art teacher in Kiev, and later in the USA, where she relocated in 2003 with her family. Teaching art was not completely out of her system, however, and in 2008 she was scouted by an industry leader, Dream Chief Studio in Los Angeles, CA to become a freelance artist for many aspects of art, design and technology. You can find her paintings in many private collections in the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Russia, and Ukraine. In addition to her full-time obligations, Margaryta has contributed to numerous architectural and design projects.