Marie Pascal

My inspiration is everywhere. Most of my watercolors represent outdoor scenes, San Francisco and the East Bay, but also some more intimate spaces, such as cafes and interiors.

In the landscapes, I use photographs and make a composite of several taken at different locations, the purpose being not to reproduce the reality seen by the camera but rather to recreate a certain feeling or emotion where light always plays an important part.

The city has an environment of mixed culture and architecture, which gives a visual patchwork that is alive and interesting to paint.

Starting with small black-and-white sketches and usually ending with a very precise drawing, almost nothing is left to chance. In the same way I do a precise research for my colors. Probably this research helps to have a clearer vision of the whole picture without being lost in details once the realization process is started.

After training in a graphic arts school in Paris, where the focus was drawing and composition, I worked in Paris for several years as an illustrator for books, magazines and advertising agencies. In 1990, I moved to California and started to paint.

I am influenced by works of numerous painters including Vermeer, Rembrandt, Corot, Innes, Vallotton, Bonnard, Hopper, Doig and by the illustrations of Nascimbene.

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