Matthew Hyma


Matthew Hyma resides in Santa Rosa,CA with his wife and two children. He has lived in the San Francisco bay area for over 20 years and feels a strong connection to the art community there. “So many of my painting heroes have lived in Northern California. Artists such as David Park, James Weeks, Deibenkorn, Theibaud and Gregory Kondos. Their work was strong and innovative; it has certainly influenced how I approach a canvas”. Matthew’s formal art education began at California State University Long Beach in 1987, with an introductory class to drawing. The instructor was Dr. Betty Edwards, author of “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, standard text used in many art schools even today. Although he earned a Bachelor degree in physical therapy, this class proved to be a catalyst for Matthew to pursue his interest in art at CSULB , and later at the Santa Rosa Junior College.

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