Megan Trueblood

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About The Artist

Life can be busy and chaotic; I find creating art to be a refuge and source of rejuvenation. I paint ordinary objects that are present in my home and part of my family life. Often, as I make dinner or play with my children, an object will beautifully catch the light, and I’ll snap a quick photo to paint later in my studio. Much of my work is inspired by those small moments with my family. I want my paintings to feel clean and simple—the stillness and simplicity resonates with my quiet, introverted soul. I like to think it can bring the same feeling of calm to others. Many lead busy, loud, chaotic lives these days and I hope my paintings can be a little escape for them as well. Megan Trueblood is a mother and artist residing in Orem, UT. She grew up in the Salt Lake Valley with two creative parents who encouraged her artistic journey from a young age. Finding beauty in the familiar and the everyday, her work is meant to inspire peace and provide a respite from the chaos of our busy lives. She has always been interested in the interaction of color and the use of negative space, and explores both in her current body of work. Megan received her BFA from Brigham Young University, where she has also taught as an adjunct professor. She has shown her work in many local and national galleries and exhibits.