Michael Chamberlain

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About The Artist

Michael Chamberlain is an oil painter living just south of San Francisco. Inspired by the California Impressionists and the plein air landscapes of Edward Hopper, he began painting in 2003. He started with a few basic supplies and a large stack of library books. “My first painting took four days to complete, it was a real struggle. Painting was more difficult than I thought, but once I started I couldn’t stop”.

Hundreds of paintings later he now attempts to finish a piece in a single session. “I found I was much happier with the result when I worked quickly and spontaneously. There seems to be an energy and vitality that was missing when I was too careful”. He found painting on location encouraged this approach. For many years he only painted outdoors, learning to capture the essence of a subject simply and directly.

Both in the studio and on location, he searches for beauty in the commonplace. “I find endless inspiration in simple, everyday objects and scenes. Painting has helped me slow down and look more carefully at the world around us”.

Michael’s work can be found in collections across the U.S. as well as in Europe and Australia.