Nathanael Gray

I Only Went Out For A Walk | June 2021

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown.
For going out, I found was really going in.” – from the journal of John Muir

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  • Nathanael Gray
    Diablo Range
    Oil on canvas
    24 X 48

  • Nathanael Gray
    The Oak And The Alfalfa Field
    Oil on canvas
    36 X 48


The act of being in a place, connecting and resonating deeply with nature, the earth—it often starts with just getting my foot out the door. The hours pass, and next I know the sun has set, everyone else has gone home, but I remain—life’s worries are a bit more distant, my spirit calm. And in these moments, paintings emerge. It is a physical expression of my inward reality connecting with the external forces of nature. As you explore these paintings, I am inviting you with me into these moments. Just step out the door. Stare at the big skies over the orchard, join my evening walk along the bay shore just a mile from my home, battle the wind with me as I pick up burnt branches and sketch the Mendocino mountains after the August Complex fire, see the deep green of new growth on the mountains just beyond the charred tree line, hear the rush of the creek as snow melts down the mountains, turn off the highway and stand alone in the Mojave Desert, spread a blanket and lay among the redwoods. Look, and listen, and linger. I hope you will stay till sundown.

– Nathanael Gray, June 2021

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About The Artist


Nathanael Gray has been painting since he received a set of oil paints for his twelfth birthday. Even at this young age, painting was a way to explore the world around him. His painting has always been rooted in an exploration of place. It reflects the landscape of his life. Nathanael has been painting in California since 2015, when he moved to the California Bay Area. He travels across the state, hiking up mountains, driving down dirt paths, and trekking along the rugged northern coast and painting as he goes. His paintings are spontaneous and fluid. Often the paintings are completed as the light is expiring, forcing himself to work quick. The result is gestural paintings with thick impasto paint that explore the colors and movement of existing in place. Nathanael has had 6 solo exhibits, including his exhibition “A Year in Tahoe” where he spent an entire year painting the Lake Tahoe Basin, and most recently “I Only Went Out For a Walk” which features paintings of across the varied landscapes of California. He hopes the viewer connects to the meditative experience of existing in the wilderness.


2021     I Only Went Out For a Walk, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2020     A Year in Tahoe, Solo Exhibit, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2018     Poems of Place, Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 
2018     40&Under, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA 
2017     Bold Expressions, Juried Exhibit, Sacramento, CA 
2013     Borders and Beyond, Group Exhibit, Wabash, IN 
2012     9 County Art Show, Juried Exhibit, Wabash, IN
2010     Monuments, Solo Exhibit, Elephant Room Gallery, Chicago, IL 
2009     Wesleyan National Headquarters, Solo Exhibit, Noblesville, IN 
2008     Columbia Club, Solo Exhibit, Indianapolis IN
2006     Columbia Club, Solo Exhibit, Indianapolis IN
2004     Indiana Heritage Arts, Juried Exhibit, Nashville, IN 

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