Niki Stearman
About The Artist

Niki Stearman is an internationally celebrated artist who creates thought provoking and emotionally charged abstract paintings. Her paintings have received numerous accolades and awards from art organizations, artists and curators from all over the United States and Europe. Niki’s most recent solo art exhibit was in New York’s financial district in Manhattan July 10 th 2019 at Artifact Art Gallery. Critically acclaimed singer and songwriter Anastasia Elliot, celebrity Hollywood Artist Andrew Lyko and CEO and Fashion Mogul Ann Taylor are some of Niki’s clientele. Her paintings as well as commissioned works can be seen in collectors’ homes, executive offices, businesses and residences across the globe.


My Inspiration comes from life and all that it brings emotionally, spiritually and physically. My Series have been inspired through personal inner struggles and successes as well as my journey in this lifetime. I would say my work comes from a place of intuition and emotion. There are times I will be meditating or reflecting, and a brief vision of a painting will come to me. At that point it’s my inner emotion that brings
the art to life on the canvas. Once I start a painting the music that I listen too amplifies that emotion which works its way onto the canvas. With each painting I listen to a particular song over and over as I paint and name the piece after that song title. I have had many individuals who have purchased my paintings ask for the name and musical artist who I painted the piece to. I have been told from several collectors that this has created a deeper emotional connection to the painting.

My artistic style consists primarily of Mixed Media and Abstract mediums. I love to experiment with various mediums, texture and paint. I use acrylic, fabric, tissue paper, mesh, spray paint, ink, oil pastel, chalk and other mediums.