Gerald Stinski
Unknown Title
Oil on panel
Image size: 6 X 12
Framed size: 10 X 17

Gerald Stinski Biography

Born in 1929, a California artist, Mr. Stinski is known for his “old masters” type paintings of delicate eggshells and fruits. His reputation as one of the leading painters of realism extends beyond the boundaries of America. Critics have described his paintings as a modern day link with the early Dutch masters. His showing of still life at a London gallery in the mid-eighties garnered excitement and praise and left an indelible mark in the work of still-life painting. An example of the critical response to his work is the following: “If no one were looking, most of us would be tempted to reach out and touch Stinski’s remarkable still life. You want to bend close, feel the lemons and apples and sample their aroma. His art is so compelling that we overlook the technique. Brushstrokes that are all but invisible, an intricacy of detail transforming simple, everyday ojects into jewels and a vision mixing real and surreal with a Dutch master’s sensitivity to light.”