Iona Hepper
Oil on canvas
Image size: 26 X 23
Framed size: 37 X 34

Iona Hepper Biography

My paintings would be considered a type of contemporary still life realism. My interest for the past 20 years has focused on objects of nostalgia and modern American advertising in products and magazines. The iconic objects and symbolism in products such as advertising, automobiles or still life’s, has always captured my imagination. Weather it is vintage cars with their bold colors and unique designs or the wonderful colors and design of American iconic hero’s – such has in our comic or vintage magazines. In my recent series, I am capturing the ultimate hero’s of the comic world and have incorporated it into my still life. The classic hero in our Comic books have and always played a part in my development as an artist. From Superman to Batman, these characters that are generated from our past plays a part in all our lives. In the world of challenges, the American icons of heroism – Super heroes, please a major part in our perspective and attitudes on how we view our modern lives. I attempt to add a sense of irony and humor in these still life’s. My work plays a humorous trip down memory lane into a time when we saw the world as children where the American heroes wore caps and a mask.