Susan Hoehn
The Beach At Wailea
Oil on canvas
Image size: 20 X 24
Framed size: 27.25 X 31.25


Susan Hoehn Biography


California artist Susan Hoehn is best known for her vibrant hues reflecting the beauty of the landscapes she paints. From vineyards to seaside vistas, Ms. Hoehn captures the essence of the contemporary landscape.

Susan received a B.A. in Art from the University of California at Berkeley where she was schooled in a variety of mediums. As a student in the late 70’s she studied painting under Joan Brown. During that period she worked part time for the University Bear Backers designing brochure covers for athletic events. She also designed the poster for the U.S.A. vs U.S.S.R. International Track Event.

Susan has built a successful art career painting the vineyards of Northern California. Her paintings and limited edition giclees can be found in numerous galleries through out California and especially in the Napa and Sonoma region. She visits the wine country several times a year exploring new locations to photograph and paint. She is most inspired by summer and fall as the color, light and shadows unite to form that perfect composition.

After the passing of her husband of 35 years in 2014, Susan decided to explore other subject matters as well as her landscape paintings. ” I enjoy painting things that I love, and going to museums is one of my favorite things to do. It was a great comfort during a difficult time”. Her depiction of museum goers is a juxtaposition between our current culture and the historical masterpieces on view.

No matter what the subject, Susan knows she is ultimately successful when someone viewing her painting experiences the same delight from the scene as she did.