Vito Antonio Ferrante
Sonoma Vineyard III
Acrylic on canvas
Image size: 11 X 14

Vito Antonio Ferrante Biography

Vito Antonio Ferrante is a first generation Italian-American and can considered a true renaissance man. He is an author, a musician, a painter, and a math teacher at Jesuit High School in Sacramento, CA. As a painter of considerable talent he sold out his first major show. He holds a degree in Combined Sciences and has done graduate coursework in the field. He holds graduate degrees in Theology, Classical Philosophy, and Educational Technology and has completed major coursework towards a degree in Law.

These accomplishments, amongst others, have led Ferrante to the conclusion that the expression of his creativity through painting is a constant passion and priority.

Through his use of brilliant color that reminds us of the post-Impressionists, Ferrante invites his viewers to discern his feeling that the world is full of new and hopeful ideas and deeds. It is this optimism expressed in the color and objects of his compositions that imparts a sense of joy to all.

Ferrante states, “A philosopher once remarked, ‘The unreflective life is not worth living.’ I use color and composition to transform ordinary objects and settings into something that helps those who see them reflect on their own reality from a different and richer perspective. Each color, each angle, each combination exposes something new about the scene, which, in turn, enables the viewer to appreciate reality in a way not readily apparent.”

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