Randy Brennan (1963 - )


Born May 7th 1963, Randy’s interest in art began in grade school and explored through alternate studies included design and architecture. Upon entering college, he found more interest in the expression of the human form with painting and sculpture.

All the while showing in several venues in Northern California Randy’s art has never been bound by a single style or category. His reputation as an artist with broad style and talent, his art knows no boundaries. Many works designed as an experience, bring people typically intimidated by art, into Randy’s paintings and sculptors through interaction. Doors, fixtures, mechanical elements allow observers to design their own impression and unique view of the artwork.

Randy’s perspective in the arts has been shaped by working with numerous galleries designing exhibitions and selling local and internationally recognized artists. In 1998, Randy joined a program instructing developmentally disabled adults in painting and ceramics. The pure works produced by his students validated Randy desire to remain true to his unique style. In 1999 Randy and his new wife, Laura Lee, moved their lives to Barcelona, Spain.

He spent that year studying at the prestigious Escola Massana in the heart of the old city’s Gothic district. Randy quickly earned recognition and was the only American to receive invitation to participate in the group exhibition at the Josep Canals gallery in the village of Sant Cugat.

Since returning to the U.S. in 2000, Randy was accepted in a juried exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute and shortly after won an Honorable Mention at the exclusive Athenaeum exhibition in La Jolla.

On August 30th, 2005, Olivia Morel Brennan, Randy’s “Little Miss Magic” was born and immediately brought inspiration to his artwork given her regular presence in his studio.

Through observation, poetry, culture, and travel, Randy’s body of work and private collectors of the same, continue to grow. Presently, Randy, his wife, daughter, and cat, Tigger, live in Sacramento, California.

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