Robert Adams

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  • Robert Adams
    Cloth, wood, oil, ceramic
    10 X 12.5 X 5

  • Robert Adams
    Wood, oil, ceramic
    19.25 X 18 X 10.5

  • Robert Adams
    Cloth, wood, oil, ceramic
    28 X 20 X 11

  • Robert Adams
    Cloth, wood, oil, ceramic
    22 X 16 X 7

  • Robert Adams
    Old Pete
    Cloth, wood, oil, ceramic
    22 X 11 X 12

  • Robert Adams
    Reading List
    Wood, oil, cloth
    38 X 9 X 9

About The Artist
Robert Adams attended the Art Institute of Boston and spent 2 more years studying drawing and painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, also delving into ceramics and paint finishes. In order to frame his work, he got a job at a frame shop and eventually opened one of his own.

Working with wood and tools inspired his interest in making 3 dimensional works of his own. He has been in many ACC (American Craft Council) exhibitions and has shown in galleries across the country. He sources ideas from folk art, antique furniture and vintage objects, the hidden layers of paint and wear always speaking to him. His works consistently showcase his reverence for early folk traditions.