Susan Sarback, a native of New York City , was surrounded by great art from an early age. Wandering through museums and galleries since childhood, she developed an appreciation and respect for the finest qualities in art. At an early age she began her formal study and eventually received a Bachelors and Masters degree in Fine Art. After years of studying both abstract painting and representational art, she was still searching for a deeper understanding about light and color. She discovered Henry Hensche, an American Impressionist painter in the lineage of Charles Hawthorne, William Merrit Chase, and Claude Monet. After years of in-depth study with this master painter, she began to uncover the deeper “secrets” about light and color that she had searched for throughout her life.

Sarback’s paintings are about the quality of light. Her subjects are mostly landscapes, some still life and figures.
“My paintings are mainly about light, color, atmosphere, and space. Rather than impose, I attempt to be receptive to the light, form, and
rhythm of the moment. Refining subtle variations of form and color help me capture this quality of light. Over the years my work has evolved but mainly centers on refined visual perception. I respond to subtle qualities and make them apparent through suggestion rather than description. I love to see how these elusive qualities can capture the essence of a feeling, a time, or a place”.

International Artist Magazine named her one of the Master Painters of the world. Her paintings have been shown in galleries in New York City, San Francisco, Napa Valley Sacramento, Seattle, and Santa Fe. Her works are also held in private collections throughout the world, including 11 paintings in Mercy San Juan Hospital in Carmichael, CA, the Medical Center of the University of California at Davis and the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Sacramento. The Cornell Museum of Art and History in Florida, includes twelve of her paintings in its permanent collection.

Sold Archive

  • Susan Sarback
    California Foothills II
    Oil on board
    Image size: 11 X 16.5
    Paper size: 18.75 X 24.25

  • Susan Sarback
    Winter Camellia, 2003
    Oil on board
    Image size: 6 X 13.5
    Paper size: 9.75 X 17.25