Todd Warner


(1945- )

Born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in rural central Michigan. Professional career in art began in 1967. Warner currently resides in Charlevoix, Michigan.


B.Sc. Central Michigan University. Major: Art; Minor: History

Commercial Art Studies (two years), Ferris State College, Big Rapids, Michigan.

Art Instructor:

Professional Sculptor since 1967

Jr. High School Art Teacher - Fremont, Michigan (1968-1970)

Art Instructor - Northeast Intermediate school, Midland, Michigan

Public Schools - Midland, Michigan (1970-1971)

Art Instructor - Dow High School Midland Public Schools (1970-1972)

With warmth, humor, and sensitivity, sculptor Todd Warner has been creating his imaginarium of sophisticated whimsy for over 35 years. From life-size cowboys and Indians, to butlers and Brahma, to bigger-than-life ostriches and armadillos, Warner's sophisticated whimsy adorns lobbies and living rooms, entryways and offices, zoos, museums, - even the Orlando International Airport and the New York Thruway.

From his Charlevoix, Michigan studio, Warner brings clay to life. A heartfelt smile from on-lookers and collectors is his measure of success. "There's an innate sense of humor in my work, but I'm not going for the belly laugh. I love to make people smile. I couldn't fight being humorous if I had to. Hopefully, my sculptures are whimsical and sensitive; they have their own spirit."

Internationally known for his irresistible animal sculptures, Warner captures with vision and insight the essence of animals, preserving not only the animals of nature, but also the nature of animals.

The artist has had over 40 one-man shows and is represented by numerous prestigious national and international galleries.


Current Exhibits Open to the Public


The Public Spaces of the Orlando International Airport.

The Public Spaces of the New York Thruway.

The Public Spaces of the Young America Bank, Denver, Colorado.

Major Collectors and Collections which feature Todd Warner Creations:

Alden Dow Collection

Burt Weinstein Collection

Byron and Barbara Pierce Collection, La Quinta, California

David Calvin Collection, Bataa Oil, Inc., Greeley, Colorado

David Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer

Forrest Barbieri Collection

Gannett Publishing, Washington, D.C., Headquarters of U.S.A. Today

Gil Hodge Collection

Marcia S. Zellner, Doral Ryder Open

McDonalds Corporation Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Art Carlson Collection, WPLG Channel 10, Miami, Florida

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ballard, Toronto Maple Leafs

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ralston, New Jersey Devils

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gibson, ABC, Good Morning America

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Janoff, Monday Night Football

Mr. and Mrs. David Flint Collection, Flint Ink Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Don Childears, Young America Bank, Denver, Colorado

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bierstock, Chairman Of Jewish Studies, University Of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sucher, Kentucky Derby Winner "Winning Colors"

Mr. and Mrs. Fitz Dixon, Philadelphia 76ers

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Eldean, Eldean Shipyards, Holland, Michigan

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dow Collection, Dow Chemical Company

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Selland, Areoquip Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ilitch Collection, Little Caesar's Inc., Detroit Red Wings

Mr. and Mrs. John Winn, Executive President, Four Winds Boat Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Packer, Packer and Packer, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mr. and Mrs. Len Shapiro Collection

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Share Collection, The Lawrence Share Companies

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Zales Collection

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Batts Collection

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Lender, Lender's Bagel's

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Travis Collection

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Donner, Lethal Weapon I, II, III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grobman Collection

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roskam, Roskam Bakeries

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ambler Collection, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pencer, Cott Soda and Presidential Choice

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dulman, The Lucky Companies

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Huizenga, Blockbuster Video

Mr. and Mrs. William Lamothe, CEO and Chairman, Kellogg's Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Wrigley Offield, Wrigley's Gum

Mrs. Charles Finley Collection

Mrs. Ewing Kauffman, Owner, Kansas City Royals

Ms. Kelly McGillis, Actress, "Top Gun" and "The Accused"

New York Thruway

Pat and Kate Maley

The Greater Orlando Airport Authority, Orlando, Florida

Vanderbilt Inn, Naples, Florida

Young America Educational Foundation, Denver, Colorado

Zsa Zsa Gabor