Waldemar De LIMA

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About The Artist

Painter and arts instructor Waldemar De Lima was born in the state of Para, in northwest Brazil and spent his youth in the neighboring state of Rondonia.  Passionate about drawing and painting since childhood, he soon developed a taste for the arts.  As a teen, he was influenced by Bolivian artists and by the Peruvian artist Renan Charles.  Inspired by the exuberant Amazonian nature, he had the opportunity to represent the beautiful Guapore Valley highlighted in the work “The Flight of Birds”.

In 2008 he moved to Portugal, where he had the opportunity to learn at the feet of the great master Duran Castaibert.  It was there that he studied the universe of dry, water-based and oil materials, gaining knowledge in these varied techniques. Soon he found himself invited by master Duran to be a collaborator in this school.

Waldemar De Lima, founder and professor of the Duran Castaibert School of Drawing and Painting in Brazil (an international organization), he is dedicated to sharing his artistic knowledge , teaching techniques such as graphite, charcoal, sanguinea and sepia, pastel seco, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, graphite with thinners, waxes, pastel d’oleo, oil and mixed techniques, in addition to the basics of human anatomy, perspective, composition, theory of color and history of painting.

His works are engaging and diverse with spontaneous and gestural strokes inspiring emotions in all observers.  His different styles and techniques and use of a variety of artistic conceptions attract and enchant audiences.

De Lima has had exhibitions in Rome, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, England and Vienna.  Asked for his true desire, he replied “Always learn! Pass on knowledge already learned and take my work to a wider audience.”  Now living in the U.S., Waldemar De Lima has begun a new journey to expose more people to the beautiful world of painting and drawing.